Leafcutter bees

Leafcutter bees
Leafcutter bee cocoons
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Gentle-natured summer leafcutter bees are wonderful for summer pollination of fruits and vegetables. (100+ cocoons/order).  

Summer leafcutter bees are mailed Mondays, June 10th through July 29th.  

Please note:  Leafcutter bees take about 3 weeks for us to incubate them from larva to adult bees.  Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. We will notify you when bees are mailed out.  Bees are shipped Mondays via the Canada Postal Service and will arrive in your mailbox within the week.  

Not sure when to have your bees delivered?  Consider two things.  One:  these bees need daytime temps in the 70's or warmer.  Two:  what are you trying to pollinate?  These bees are a generalists and will pollinate a variety of flowers.  If you are seeking to pollinate flowering summer vegetables in your garden, consider when these plants will actually flower.

Leafcutter bees fly best when temperatures are in the high 70's or warmer!

Meeting your expectations: We care about your success and do our best to provide healthy bees. While most of our customers successfully raise gentle bees, it is important to understand that bees are wild insects and may find other holes in your yard in which to nest.

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