Mason Bees, Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

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Prices invoiced in Canadian dollars, USA customers will be charged approximately 25% less in US dollars, this is due to the strong US dollar exchange rate. 

Do you need bees to correct poor pollination in your orchard or garden? Maybe all you need is a Mason Bee "Pro Bee Block" Home! Our bee houses provide the best in economy, pest protection, sanitation and time-savings - plus - they're completely recyclable!

mason bee in flowerBees in Action - movieThe key to excellent pollination is more bees, nature’s pollinators. To attract bees and promote maximum nesting activity you can supply your Blue Orchard Mason bees with clean, dry, safe bee homes. These will allow your bees to go forth and multiply to their maximum potential, providing you with better pollination of your fruits and berries thereby increasing the quality and quantity of your harvest.

As you will see in the video, the Blue Orchard Mason bees are extremely active on this bee block. The footage was taken at the beginning of the nesting season so only a small percentage of last year's Blue Orchard Mason bees have emerged from other blocks and they are just starting to fill the holes on the new block. In the photo at right, you will see the full blocks at the end of the year with only a few holes unfilled.

Pro Bee Blocks are easily cleaned and disinfected for many years of trouble free use. They are also a space-efficient way to propagate a lot of Mason bees, with approximately 1500 holes per square foot

Pro Bee Blocks also provide protection against parasitic wasps that bore through the side of the cardboard tubes used in other bee houses. When that happens you will have an empty cell or ugly wasp grubs instead of healthy, useful Mason bees, nature’s pollinators.

Go forth and multiply and multiply!
Frankly, Blue Orchard Mason bees are worse than rabbits. Your only problem will be when to say "stop!" I like to have lots of these useful pollinators around so I just keep providing more and more bee homes for them. When you are happy with the number of bees in your base bee population, and all your holes are filled, the rest of the bees will seek bee homes elsewhere, providing your neighbours with natural bee pollination for their gardens and crops.

I have tested Pro Bee Blocks since 2002 after 5 years of using wood blocks. Wood block bee houses meant that every winter I spent many hours reaming out the previous season's used holes with a drill and a 5/16 bit. Then I disinfected the wood blocks in a mild bleach solution to kill mites and their eggs.

With about 1500 holes to maintain I wanted an easier way to propagate my Blue Orchard Mason Bees. I looked at cardboard tubes and liners but the cost is anywhere from 10 to 20 cents a hole and that would translate, at my current population level, to approximately $300 annually, not counting inevitable cost increases. That seemed a bit high so I looked into alternate ideas for Mason bee houses and after much trial and error settled on the custom Orchard Mason Bee Pro Bee Blocks that I am now making available to you.

Pro Bee Blocks will serve you year after year, so your initial investment is your final cost unless you want to provide additional holes to expand your base pollinator population. I use the word investment because when you attract Orchard Mason bees you are investing in increased bee pollination, which will give you bigger (and higher quality) yields in your orchard and garden. Order a Mason Bee "Pro Bee Block" home and try it out for yourself!