Mason Bees, Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

Bee Houses - the Mason Bee "Pro Bee Block"

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Perfect Dimensions
Pro Bee Blocks have the perfect dimensions for maximum production of female Blue Orchard Mason Bees. Female bees do the vast majority of the pollination work.

Home Base Pro Bee Block - Mason Bee House
Home Base
Pro Bee Block
Mason Bee House

Each hole is 5/16th by 6 inches and is made of 100% recyclable polypropylene, which is easily cut to any size block you may want. Drinking straws are also made of polypropylene but are not a suitable home as the interior surface is too smooth for the Mason bees to effectively attach mud to when sealing off the brood chambers. Pro Bee Block bee houses have a microscopically rough interior surface that allows effective mud attachment.

Pro Bee Blocks also provide protection against parasitic wasps that bore through the side of the cardboard tubes used in other bee houses. When that happens you will end up with an empty cell or an ugly wasp grub instead of healthy bees, nature’s pollinators.

Contemporary Pro Bee Block - Mason Bee House
Pro Bee Block
Mason Bee House

Just like Rabbits....
With Pro Bee Blocks your Blue Orchard Mason bees will go forth and multiply and multiply, and frankly, they are worse than rabbits. Your only problem will be when to say "stop!" I just keep providing more and more bee houses for them! When you are happy with the number of bees in your base bee population and all your holes are filled the rest of the bees will seek homes elsewhere, providing your neighbours with natural bee pollination for their gardens and crops.

Easy to Clean & Great Time Savers
Pro Bee Blocks are easily cleaned and disinfected for many years of trouble free use. They are also a space efficient way to propagate a lot of Mason bees- approximately 1500 holes per square foot.

Plain Jane Pro Bee Block - Mason Bee House
Plain Jane
Pro Bee Block
Mason Bee House

We have tested Pro Bee Blocks since 2002 after 5 years of using wood blocks. Every winter for the 5 years I used the wood blocks, I spent many hours cleaning out the previous season's used holes, using a drill and a 5/16 bit and repeatedly reaming out each hole until all the old mud and cocoons and other deleterious matter was removed. The wood blocks then need to be disinfected by immersion in a mild bleach solution to kill any mites (Chaetodactylus Krombeini) and their eggs clinging to the irregularities of the side of the hole.

Mason Bee Pro Bee Blocks do not have these irregularities and they are much easier to clean and disinfect. With wood block bee homes many hours are also spent drilling new wood blocks in anticipation of the natural increase in the bee population; usually about 2.5 to 3 times the number of holes filled at the end of the previous season. Some bees naturally wander away to other nearby areas, increasing the wild population that benefits native plants and your neighbours crops.

Mason Bee Home are Cost Effective
With about 1500 holes to maintain, I wanted an easier way to propagate my Blue Orchard Mason Bees. I looked at cardboard tubes and liners but with the cost of anywhere from 10 to 20 cents a hole that would translate, at my current population level, to up to $300 annually, never mind any increase. That seemed a bit high, so I looked into alternate ideas and after much trial and error settled on the custom ordered blocks that I am now making available to you.

Heritage Pro Bee Block - Mason Bee House
Pro Bee Block
Mason Bee House

Mason Bee "Pro Bee Blocks" will serve you year after year, so your initial investment is your final cost unless you want to provide additional holes to expand your base population. I use the word investment because you are investing in increased pollination, which will give you bigger and higher quality yields in your orchard and garden.

Cocoons containing dormant Mason bees are shipped only from November 1 thru to April 10. We sell them in sets of 20 Mason bees as not all will survive and it takes a full set to ensure that you get a good colony going. As supplies are limited bee orders are processed on a first come first served basis. Orders for cocoons received outside of this time frame will be placed in a hold file and shipped in the order received.

Mason Bee Cocoons

If you know Mason bees are in your area then just putting out a  Pro Bee Block home will get you started if you can wait patiently for these natural pollinators to find your bee homes.