Mason Bees, Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

About Us -

Gordon Cyr - Mason Bee Homes   
Gordon Cyr - Mason Bee Homes  

I've raised Mason Bees since 1997 and have been experimenting with building better homes for them.

My wife, 2 sons and I live in a home I designed and built in 2004 on a 7 acre hobby farm. We grow herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries to sell fresh to remote tourist lodges that I fly to. (I've been a floatplane pilot for 15 years.)

I spent 2 years at a Photography College and love to photograph my surroundings - including the bees!

I've traveled fairly extensively - throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the US, Central America, Maldives and the Canadian Arctic, but love this part of the world the best.

Selling bee homes came about as the results of my efforts to build clean, efficient, cost effective homes for my own bees became known by local area people. After a lot of "Would you build me one" a business was born.

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